Ecuadorian justice confirms prison sentence of ex-president Correa

Ecuadorian justice confirms prison sentence of ex-president Correa

Former Ecuadorian President Rafael (2007-2017) Correa in photo from October 9, 2019

Ecuadoran justice on Monday (20) ratified the eight-year prison sentence for former president Rafal Correa for corruption, which disqualifies him from participating in politics for the next 25 years.

The court of the National Court of Justice “dismisses appeals from the majority of those sentenced, ratifies the penalty for bribery to 18 (people) – including Rafael C.”, the Prosecutor said in his Twitter account.

The former left-wing president, based in Belgium, was tried in absentia for his participation in a corruption scheme during his government (2007-2017), in which officials received bribes in exchange for the approval of contracts.

In the case called “bribes 2012-2016” 17 other people were also prosecuted, including ex-ministers, a parliamentarian, businessmen and ex-vice president Jorge Glas, who has been serving a six-year sentence for receiving bribes from the government since 2017. Brazilian contractor Odebrecht.

“Although it is hard to believe, it was to be expected. There can be no more ridiculous” case “and” sentence “. They will not defeat us, but I am sorry for all the innocent people who are suffering for trying to harm me,” wrote Correa in your Twitter account.

The former president was linked to the case for $ 6,000 that was deposited in his account. Correa claims that it was a loan from a party fund and claims to suffer political persecution from President Lenín Moreno – his former ally and former vice president – with the complicity of judges.

For those convicted in the “2012-2016 bribes” case, there is still the appeal of the cassation to reverse the sentence.

Correa also faces an arrest warrant for allegedly participating in the kidnapping of an opponent in 2012. The trial in this case is suspended, as the former head of state cannot be tried in absentia for this crime.

The confirmed sentence also determines the loss of political rights to all those convicted for 25 years, which could represent the end of Correa’s career.

Hours before the sentence was known, the once powerful president wrote: the case “is (a) setup to keep me from coming back and defeating them”.

In addition to his disqualification as a candidate, Correa was left without a party, as the electoral body on Sunday suspended the Social Commitment Force (FCS), along with three other political organizations, which will not be able to run in the February 2021 elections.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) took the measure in response to a request from the State’s Comptroller General, which observed irregularities in the registration processes of these political formations.



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