Edil de Tecate denounces harassment of Bonilla

Edil de Tecate denounces harassment of Bonilla

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Governor Jaime Bonilla, in a file image. Photo Roberto García Ortíz

Adams, from Morena extraction, like Bonilla, maintained that the retaliation arose because he decided to vote against the so-called opinion 37, endorsed by the local Congress, and which contemplates the election of deputies and councilmen without separating from office.

In Tecate, they voted unanimously, there they began to question the vote. I think that everyone is free to express their vote, even councilors in the municipality, there should be no pressure.

He explained that the state government secretary, Amador Rodríguez, met with her to pressure her in order to endorse the ruling and then revive the proposal that was recently rejected in the local Legislature, which sought to limit the period of the next governor to three years. “The man is upset and says to me: ‘Pay attention to the consequences, I am going to tell the governor,'” added the mayor.

After that, in local media the rumor began that Adams could be dismissed and even detained due to a debt from the City Council with a fuel distribution company in a case that dates back to 2009 for 900 million pesos.

Although the municipality agreed with the company to make payments of 200 thousand pesos a month to pay off the debt, last Monday it received a summons from the state attorney as part of a criminal proceeding against the mayor for this case; At the same time, the state water agency cut off the supply in the municipal offices. Adams argued that this is part of a repressive campaign orchestrated by the state government.

Due to this, he met in Mexico City with the National President of Morena and with Sánchez Cordero. The Secretary of the Interior was very upset because you see these things that are happening in the entity. She is very upset, she says there are irregularities now in Baja California, she said.

She also stated that she has been followed in vehicles since leaving her home in an act of intimidation, but confirmed that she will not leave her position.


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