Emergency room closures in Campbellton inevitable, Vitality believes

Emergency room closures in Campbellton inevitable, Vitality believes

Coronavirus: young drug addicts left to their own devices

Since the pandemic, requests for admission to adolescent drug treatment centers have plummeted. And it is not because young people have stopped using, but because the usual safety nets have practically all disappeared since March. “Since the schools closed, we have been unable to reach young people” – Guillaume Potvin, head of the adolescent program at the Portage center in the Laurentians. Since mid-March, Le Portage has no longer received referrals from its usual partners, namely schools, hospitals, youth centers and other community organizations. In telework mode, workers who generally raise the red flag are no longer able to do so. Compared to last year, Le Portage saw its admission requests decrease by 63% for French-speaking adolescent customers and by 87% for English-speaking adolescent customers since March. Among adults, the decline is 38%. “We need families, parents, grandparents. Call us ! Even if it doesn’t result in an admission, even if it’s just to ask questions. – Seychelle Harding of the Le Portage center David Laplante, director general of the Le Grand Chemin center, believes that it is rather for network stakeholders to organize themselves to reach young people despite the pandemic. In adolescents, it is important to intervene as soon as possible to avoid an escalation in consumption, he recalls.

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