EU summit postponed again – Merkel has first doubts

EU summit is being extended - Merkel has initial doubts

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Angela Merkel

The resumption of discussions at the EU summit has been postponed due to ongoing explorations. EU Council President Charles Michel is still in talks with individual groups, it was said from his surroundings on Sunday afternoon. “We need a good clue before we start again.”

On the third day of the meeting in Brussels, a number of countries are still opposing the previous proposals for a relief plan against the economic consequences of the corona pandemic. The EU heads of state and government have been negotiating the 750 billion euro Corona aid fund since Friday.

Four EU countries are fighting back

Austria, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland are opposed to the fact that the majority of the money goes as non-repayable grants to the countries most affected by the pandemic, especially in southern Europe. They demand that this proportion be reduced significantly and that loans be granted instead.

According to diplomats, there were fierce discussions during the night. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and France’s head of state Emmanuel Macron had “after several attempts at compromise” left the nightly negotiations with the “thrifty” together, according to French diplomatic circles. Consistent sources spoke of “a very hard meeting”. Merkel and Macron did not rule out the failure of the special summit on Sunday morning. (afp)


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