Every woman should know these makeup tricks before her 30th birthday

Every woman should know these makeup tricks before her 30th birthday

There are beauty tips like sand by the sea, but you quickly lose track. We’ll tell you the twenty beauty tricks every woman should know before her 30th birthday

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There are little tips and tricks around beauty and beauty without end. It is often difficult to get an overview of this. New trends are constantly coming onto the market – other colors are modern. But there are also some classics in the beauty area that are never out of place and that every woman should know and master before her 30th birthday.

1. The right bronzer

With the bronzer in particular, it is important to find the right shade. Because the point is to shine and give the face a healthy glow. What you definitely don’t want to do is look stained, dirty or maybe even orange.

So when you buy the right bronze, make sure that you look like you have just returned from a Caribbean vacation and not as if you fell asleep in the solarium. Especially for lighter hair and skin types: don’t use bronze that is too dark. Better reach for one that contains gentle prose pigments. Brunettes have more leeway and can go between bronzes with red or orange pigments, or even a slight gold cast.

By the way: Liquid bronzers are only for professionals. Feel your way slowly.

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2. The right blush

Similar to the bronzer, the blush should only bring a little freshness to the face. Here less is more. Please don’t grab the paint can too well, otherwise you will quickly look like a clown.

It is best if you first find out if you are a warm or cold skin type. To do this, stand in front of the mirror with a white T-shirt and put a gold and a silver necklace around each other. Do you like the golden one better? Then you are a warm skin type. The silver flatter you more? Then from now on always the handle to the cool tones.

3. Apply makeup so that it looks natural

Perfect your beauty routine. Because a natural look is the basis for everything else. Above all, make sure that the make-up is not applied too mask-like. Rather use less and touch up again than paste it up.

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4. How to remove make-up properly

Start with your lips, then make up your eyes. To do this, spread makeup remover on two cotton pads. Leave the pads on your eyes for a few seconds, then gently wipe away the eye make-up. Repeat the process as often as necessary.

Wash her face twice: the first time to remove the makeup and clean the face, the second time to remove any soap residue.

A cotton swab can be used to remove stubborn remains.

5. Contours like Kim Kardashian

You don’t have to be a makeup professional or Kim Kardashian to put the perfect contours on your face. It is particularly important that you do not use powder that is too dark, otherwise the whole make-up will quickly look cheap.

To do this, first highlight your cheekbones, then trace the contours along the hairline. Be careful not to stay straight, but imitate a C shape.

If necessary, you can make your face smaller by applying powder along the jawbones. Finally, the nose can be narrowed somewhat. The same applies here: less is more!

6. How to put on makeup for the perfect photo

Especially with photos, you often appear paler than you actually are. Be sure to use a matte makeup. This means that the light is not reflected and you avoid the vampire effect.

When you take photos outdoors, the motto is “less is more”. A little blush usually works wonders. The eyebrows can also be emphasized and tightened again. A second coat of mascara can also help.


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