Facebook adds mention to Trump and Biden posts

Facebook adds mention to Trump and Biden posts

Facebook placed a message on a Donald Trump post. Not to make it clear that the post was wrong, as Twitter had done, but to give information about the vote.

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Two rooms, two atmospheres between Facebook and Twitter. Tuesday, a few weeks after Twitter added a mention of “fact-checking” and incitement to violence under tweets from Donald Trump, Facebook in turn placed a message under a post from the US president. The reaction is not the same: it is only a link to a government site giving information on the vote itself. One way for Facebook to defend itself after being accused of allowing false information to proliferate on the network, especially during the 2016 US presidential election.

Posts by Donald Trump and Joe Biden with the mention added by Facebook. © Facebook

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Posts by Donald Trump and Joe Biden with the mention added by Facebook. © Facebook

But this addition is far from sufficient in the eyes of the Biden campaign. “What a total and abject failure”, denounced Bill Russo, a spokesperson for the Democrat, complaining that publications by Joe Biden bear the same mention, while they contain less controversial remarks than the umpteenth attack by the US president against postal voting denouncing a “corrupt election”. Especially since Donald Trump’s team capitalizes on the fact that the mention was added to both pages and that the formulation, completely neutral, sends the two candidates back to back, regardless of their words: “THE president was absolutely right . Postal voting for all is a call for fraud and would lead to a corrupt election. The same mention was added to posts on Joe Biden’s page, “Trump campaign spokesperson Samantha Zager told the”Washington Post».

Trump’s anger against Twitter

Twitter had drawn the wrath of the US president twice at the end of May. The site had added a mention of “fact-checking” under one of his tweets, which already concerned postal voting, referring to press articles devoted to the subject. “@Twitter is now interfering with the 2020 Presidential Election. They say my statement on Correspondence Votes, which will lead to corruption and mass fraud, is incorrect, according to fact checking by Fake News CNN and Amazon Washington Post. Twitter completely stifles FREEDOM OF SPEECH and I, as President, will not let it happen! ”Tweeted a particularly annoyed Donald Trump.

His anger had not subsided two days later, whenone of his tweets was classified as “incitement to violence”. “We acted to prevent others from taking inspiration from it to commit violent acts, but kept the Tweet on Twitter because it is important for the public to see it because of its relevance to topics. of public interest, ”Twitter explained. In the message in question, the American president evoked the demonstrations, sometimes violent, which had broken out across the country after the death of George Floyd: “These THOUGHTS dishonor the memory of George Floyd and I will not let it be. I just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him the Army was with him all the way. At the slightest difficulty we will regain control, but when the looting begins, the shooting begins. Thank you!”


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