Fausto Silva shows details of collection with more than 1,500 carts

Fausto Silva shows details of collection with more than 1,500 carts

© Rede Globo / Reproduction
Fausto Silva showed his collection of miniature cars during ‘Domingão do Faustão’

The host Fausto Silva, 70 years old, left the recording studios in the last months and started doing the domingão Faustão due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. With this, the public has become better acquainted with Faustão’s residence, which showed on Sunday, 5, details of his collection of carts in miniature.

“We are even here showing it to the crowd, who always ask. Here is a bookcase that has more than 1,500 miniature carts that I have been collecting ”, commented Faustão, revealing the number of objects in his collection.

The presenter pointed out that he had no toy car when he was a child, which motivated him to set up the collection. “So here is the history of motorsport, for people to enjoy here,” said Faustão.

Before talking about his collection, he also highlighted the importance of following the recommendations of health organizations, avoiding the contagion of the new coronavirus: “I am here from my home, respecting the recommendations of health authorities. Praying to end this pandemic and return to the normal program, as we hope soon ”.

* Intern under the supervision of Charlise Morais


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