Fired employees solicit the very rich shareholder

Fired employees solicit the very rich shareholder

The 130 employees left behind by the palace wrote to the businessman hoping for a gesture.

The covid-19 health crisis and the absence of customers have pushed the Hotel Richemond to cease its activities.

In Geneva, the mobilization of the employees of the Richemond hotel, whose closure has been announced, continues. The staff questioned the establishment’s main shareholder, a Malaysian billionaire, on Thursday through an open letter.

This missive was made public Thursday by the SIT union. The closure of Richemond leaves around 130 employees on the sidelines. The management of the palace has decided to cease its activities due to the difficulties linked to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Called upon by the union to intervene in this case, State Councilor Mauro Poggia had organized in mid-July an attempt at mediation between employee representation and management. In vain, according to Marlene Carvalhosa Barbosa, union secretary. The employer does not enter into the matter on a social level.

With this open letter addressed to the main shareholder, the employees hope that this businessman makes a gesture in favor of the hotel staff, in view of his immense fortune. The latter is also the owner of the Four seasons Hôtel des Bergues, another historic Geneva palace.

“Your responsibility is important. It will mark the history of Geneva and that of your hotels. All Geneva political and economic players are convinced that beyond the legal obligation to conclude a social plan, there is an ethical duty to do so ”, write the employees.


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