for Hungarians the second wave is inevitable. Might as well have fun

 for Hungarians the second wave is inevitable. Might as well have fun

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The pandemic and bad weather could not stop the night of the spas in Hungary. Dozens of spas and beaches were open on Saturday nights and welcomed guests with special programs. In Hungary’s largest indoor spa, there were so many visitors that many remained outside. The management claims to have introduced special measures, but looking at these images the very strong doubt that these places could become foci of coronavirus infection remains.

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Yet, according to some experts, the water is not as dangerous as it contains chlorine, however the crowd is a big problem. Some epidemiologists have been saying this for weeks, but they seem to be voices in the desert.

Lajos Ócsai, epidemiologist: “The rules of social distancing cannot be maintained and people do not wear a mask. So if someone is sick, the risk of infection in the air is there, undeniable.”

But the crowd couldn’t care. Given that the second wave has not yet arrived in Hungary (but the number of infections is slightly increasing), many have wanted to use one of the last possibilities to party without restrictions. For Hungarians it is only a matter of time.

A girl’s statements cause cold sweats: “I think there will be a second wave in September or October, and I think places like this will be closed again.”

Might as well have fun as long as you can, then.


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