“Forecasts failed, we didn’t fight,” says AMLO after meeting with Trump


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The first meeting between the two leaders had generated expectations since last week.

Towards the end of their first meeting, the leaders of the United States, Donald Trump, and of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, celebrated this Wednesday that there were no differences between the two during their meeting held at the White House. The presidents offered a brief message before the dinner that they will have with businessmen, in which they highlighted their ‘friendship’ and ‘courage’ within the framework of the entry into force of the new trade agreement between their nations and Canada, the T-MEC.

The Republican, who is seeking reelection, repeatedly stated that López Obrador is “a good friend” and emphasized that, against the odds, the two have a good relationship. ‘To this great president I would like to say that it has been a pleasure to have him with us today and it has been a privilege to have him as a friend, we have had a very good relationship from the beginning, despite the adversities and the bets against But I think they have already learned not to bet against us, ‘he said. López Obrador thanked the invitation to the White House and to the dinner to which his ‘friend’ Trump invited him, which he attends accompanied by Mexican businessmen. ‘We very much appreciate this reception, President Trump. In effect, the forecasts failed, we did not fight, we are friends and we will continue to be friends, “he said.

Trump recognizes Mexico Even though on other occasions Trump has called Mexicans “rapists” and “drug traffickers,” on this occasion he said that the people of Mexico and the United States agree in their faith in America, and that both are sovereign nations, proud and ” united by the devotion and sacrifice of working people who love their country and give everything they have to create a better life for themselves and their children. ‘ “In the United States, the extraordinary contributions of Mexican-Americans are felt in all industries, communities and everywhere in our nation, from commerce to science and everywhere, the Mexican people are valuable,” he said. He added that Mexicans in the United States have implemented and propelled companies and industries, are part of the police and the militia, and have reflected on what the peoples have achieved together through generations. Trump assured that greater potential and prosperity can be unleashed for the citizens of both nations, in addition to the visit, he has more confidence that the ‘majestic continent’ will have a better future. AMLO highlights virtues of T-MEC The President of Mexico insisted that the new treaty will strengthen the economy of North America, making it very good news for the inhabitants of the three countries. He assured that the T-MEC has elements that the previous treaty does not, such as establishing that the goods produced in the region must have a high regional content, that is, they must carry something that is produced in Canada, Mexico or the United States. The other element, which he considered ‘fundamental and fair’, is that better wages and working conditions are guaranteed for workers in the three countries.

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