Former president of the Algerian association in Vitoria sentenced to five years

Former president of the Algerian association in Vitoria sentenced to five years

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The National audience has sentenced Izzaddine Boutiba to five years in prison, arrested in December 2018 in Vitoria, and who was serving as president of the Algerian association, for instruct in computer marketing another young woman, who was actually an undercover agent, to help Daésh in this sector.

In the sentence, the magistrates of the Fourth Section of the Criminal Chamber establish that, once three-quarters of the sentence has elapsed, Boutiba will be expelled from Spain with a ban on returning for eight years.

The proven facts report that a computer undercover agent, identified with the profile “Amira Chafchaf”, and that he was investigating another matter, received in April 2018 a greeting from the convicted person through social networks.

Once the first contact was established, the Chamber explains, “Amira” expressed her concern that an older friend of hers had gone to Syria (Sham) and she had thought about going there or sending him money.

However, the defendant dissuaded “Amira” and tried to persuade her to become “a digital marketing professional”Because this really was “real help” to the jihadist cause.

In this way he insisted on wanting to prepare her to learn “how to move, handle the Internet, languages, programming, be a camel (take things from one point to another) or take computer courses”.

“Rebuilding an Islamic State”

The sentence indicates that the accused understood that “it was necessary to prepare others and she would be one of them, with a position in the press, computer and programming sector because her objective was help rebuild an Islamic state as it was in the time of the prophet. “

At the same time that Izzeddine instructed him that the best way to help fight the infidels was by deepening in religion and acquiring knowledge of digital marketing and languages, he insisted on deleting the content of the conversations they both had through the networks. social for being very controlled, moving to other safer communication systems.

The resolution states that Izzeddine insisted “Amira” to leave her mother and go to Vitoria -where he lived and served as president of the Algerian Association of the Basque Country- with the intention of getting married and living on a pension from the Basque Government of 1,100 euros, like the one the condemned himself received.

Once there, I would teach him religion, language and digital marketing “and then his real help would start, because there were many ways to help and each one served in his own way.”

Until that happened, explains the sentence, he sent him a list of readings of some religious sages in order to train him in Salafist doctrine.

The Chamber concludes that the defendant’s intention was “to recruit his interlocutor for the jihadist cause through his in-depth training in violent and extremist religious content after useful and diverse professional training in fields of the digital world consistent with one of the channels of implantation of violent jihad against those who do not participate in such ideas. ”


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