Four new self-service bicycle stations

Four new self-service bicycle stations

Users will now find two-wheelers available at Rolle, Eysins and Founex.

By 2021, the self-service bicycle network in the Nyon region will have a capacity of 300 bikes, half of which are electric.

The Nyon region (VD) launched the extension of its self-service bicycle network on Thursday. Four new stations are open, two in Rolle, one in Eysins and another in Founex, said the Nyon Region and PubliBike in a press release. This corresponds to a capacity of 58 bikes, half of which are electric.

Complementary to public transport, this new offer in the field of cycling aims to improve the modal shift of residents, commuters and visitors to the district, who are called to promote alternative modes of transportation instead of individual motorized transport, they write.

The network extension should continue in the coming months on the side of Nyon, Gland, Coppet and Mies. This network is evolving this year from 13 to 27 stations, with a fleet increasing from 130 to 200 bikes. Next year, it will increase to 50 stations, with a total of 300 bikes, half of which are electric, according to the statement.


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