France 4 suspended but France O condemned?

France 4 suspended but France O condemned?

It is up to Roselyne Bachelot to decide whether the two French channels should disappear this summer.

Theoretically, it was on August 9 that the chains France 4 and France Ô must stop broadcasting. They are paying the price for an economy plan that affects France Télévisions.

Except that the reform of public broadcasting (which also includes Radio France, France Médias Monde, TV5Monde and ART) was not voted on, or even discussed in Parliament because of the covid-19 crisis. The president of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron asked that the big spring reforms be postponed sine die.

But the clock is ticking, and France Televisions had already noted the disappearance of the two channels. Besides, in the back-to-school press kit, no trace of F4 and FÔ in the novelties since they must not spend the summer. But that was before !

The file changes hands with Roselyne Bachelot who has just been appointed Minister of Culture (with the audiovisual sector in the portfolio). The minister was explaining this morning on France Inter. “On France Ô, I think that the question is resolved because ultimately, we had arrived at a sort of confinement of the Overseas in the public audiovisual service and the Overseas must participate in all of the audiovisual . “ The fate of France Ô seems to be established.

For France 4, nothing has yet been done, and the dissemination of school programs during confinement has been welcomed by all. “Can the missions which have been carried out by France 4 be carried out in another way? I’m not sureAdds Roselyne Bachelot. “Does this imply a one-year extension or does it mean going back on the France 4 judgment? ” A decision is expected in a few days.


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