“Free”, the message of Mauricio Macri in the middle of the flag against the Government

Mauricio Macri warned of the advance towards

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AME868. GUATEMALA CITY (GUATEMALA), 04/03 / 2020.- Mauricio Macri former president of Argentina (2015-2019) during a talk in the framework of the Citizen Meeting of the Freedom and Development Foundation, this Wednesday, in a hotel in the City of Guatemala (Guatemala). The meeting brought together several former presidents and leaders from the region to talk about regional integration. EFE / Esteban Biba

Former President Mauricio Macri released a brief message on Thursday during the banderazos and mobilizations across the country to drive multiple criticisms against the national government.

Free. Happy Independence Day”, expressed the leader of the opposition coalition Together for Change through social networks.

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Macri accompanied the brief text with a photo of Argentines brandishing the national flag, although he avoided speaking out regarding the marches that were replicated both in the Obelisk, as well as in the Quinta de Olivos and the provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe, among other places.

On the eve, Macri reappeared publicly by participating in a series of interviews with the Chilean press. There he analyzed the situation that the coronavirus installed and warned that the government of Alberto Fernández “It has tried in the pandemic to advance on freedoms.”

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“Unfortunately here we have seen a government that has tried in the pandemic advance on freedoms, freedom of expression, operation of Justice, private property“Said the former head of state.

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The proposal of the leader of the PRO became the argument of thousands of people who left this Thursday to question the course of the Alberto Fernández administration and to complain, also, about the decision of the Justice to grant him release on bail to the Kirchner businessman Lázaro Baez.


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