George Floyd said the agents 20 times, “I can’t breathe”

George Floyd said the agents 20 times,

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AGI – “I can’t breathe”: George Floyd repeated it 20 times to the Minneapolis police officers who forced him to the ground, with one knee on his neck. In response he was mocked: “Stop talking, stop screaming, it takes a lot of oxygen to speak” (Agent Derek Chauvin, the one who kept his knee on his neck. Or “relax” (Agent Tou Thao), ” take a deep breath “(Agent Lane) or” you are fine, you are speaking well “(Agent Alexander Kueng).

All four were expelled from the police and on trial. The transcripts are of ‘official source’: they come from the videos of the body-cameras worn by Agent Lane, not videos made by passers-by who were the only known so far. Lane’s camera video shows the scene much more dramatically. “They kill me, they kill me,” said 46-year-old George Floyd, immobilized on the ground.

Floyd told the agents that he had had the coronavirus and that he could not breathe. At one point, Lane asks Chauvin if it is appropriate to turn the African American on his side, the answer was “no”. Lane insisted that he was concerned about Floyd’s health, who seemed to be under the influence of some substance. “That’s why an ambulance is coming,” Chauvin replied. Who took his knee off his neck almost 9 minutes after putting it on, and only when a paramedic asked.

Chauvin is accused of second degree murder and third degree murder for Floyd’s death, while Lane, Thao and Kueng are charged with indictments for aid and incitement to second degree murder. Lane, who is released after paying a $ 750,000 bail, justified himself by saying that it was his first week of police service and that it was Chauvin who made all the decisions that led to Floyd’s death. The killing of the African American on May 25 triggered a series of protests against the police and racial clashes in the United States over the frequent killings of blacks by American agents in the early stages of the arrest.


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