“Government demonstrates ignorance of the structure of schools”, says union


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Classes in state schools in Minas Gerais have been suspended since March 18

The Single Union of Education Workers of Minas Gerais (Are UTE / MG) took the opposite position, on Friday night (17/7), about the governor’s statement Romeu Zema regarding the back to school in Minas Gerais. The governor said that schools will reopen in the second semester, but signaled that it should not be in August. For Sind-UTE, it is not time for the state to think about returning to school: “Any statement is early. We are seeing several scholars saying about the risks of going back to school in September. The government’s statement about a date only shows its ignorance of the structure of schools. It is completely premature to return with risks. We will first listen to science to express any opinion “, stresses Denize Romano, the union’s general coordinator.

Classes in schools state public funds have been suspended since March 18. The government proposed the model of remote classes, via internet and TV, for the approximately 1.7 million students in the network. Since May 18, remote classes have been in place, but the state itself has recently admitted that the measure does not have the same effect, especially since several students do not have TV or internet at home.

Denize explains that the government has not measured the danger of the disease across the state, with an increase in cases and deaths. “It is not the first time that the government has made a statement about going back to school without presenting a complete proposal. The numbers of deaths and cases only increase in the state and we will always defend the lives of students and education professionals. We know that school involves a lot crowding“, Explain.

Despite the risks of contagion, she understands that there is an affliction since the suspension of classes: It is a anguish huge for the school term, which involves parents, students and teachers. We have been without classes since March, but we are still on an upward curve in relation to the disease. It is a matter of analyzing the data that the government discloses, with underreporting “.

Private schools

In a note, the Union of Teachers of Private Schools in Minas (Sinep-MG) also took a stand on Zema’s statement: “SinepMG participated in a meeting on July 7 with the Covid-19 Committee, together with the Secretariat Education, where a document was presented guidance for the return of the activities that SinepMG did together with the Minas Gerais Association of Epidemiology and Infection Control (Ameci), so that educational institutions can prepare themselves as far in advance as possible. Bearing in mind that the suspension of classes was due to a public health issue, private schools await guidance from the State Government for this return “.


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