Government of Mexico confirms that AMLO will take the “press” of the press to dinner with Trump

Government of Mexico confirms that AMLO will take the

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The press entrepreneurs who will attend the US are Ricardo Salinas Pliego, from Grupo Salinas; Bernardo Gómez Martínez, from Grupo Televisa, and Francisco González Sánchez, from Grupo Multimedios.

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Carlos Slim, Hank, Vázquez Aldir and Salinas Pliego will be at the dinner that Trump will offer to AMLO

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Mexico City, July 7 (However) .– The Government of Mexico confirmed this afternoon that at the dinner of President with his American counterpart Donald Trump The cream and cream (“machuchones”, in the language of Andrés Manuel López Obrador) from the Mexican press will attend, as well as businessmen who appear on the list Forbes of the richest men in the world (like Carlos Slim Helú) and Latin America.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations reported this afternoon that, in addition to the official entourage of the Mexican Government, another 11 businessmen will accompany the Chief Executive.

The entrepreneurs who will attend are: Ricardo Salinas Pliego, from Grupo Salinas; Bernardo Gómez Martínez, from Grupo Televisa; Francisco González Sánchez, from Grupo Multimedios; Patricia Armendáriz Guerr, from Financiera Sustentable; Carlos Bremer Gutiérrez, from Grupo Financiero Value; Daniel Chávez Morán, from Grupo Vidanta; Carlos Hank González, from Grupo Financiero Banorte; Miguel Rincón Arredondo, from Bio Pappel; Marcos Shabot Zonana, of Architecture and Construction; Carlos Slim Helú, from Grupo Carso, and Olegario Vázquez Aldir, from Grupo Empresarial Ángeles.

Until yesterday, it was only known that Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Carlos Hank González, Bernardo Gómez, Olegario Vázquez Aldir and Daniel Chávez, all of them members of the Business Council of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, had confirmed their attendance at the dinner that Donald Trump will offer to the Mexican Chief Executive in Washington, DC.

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On November 15, 2018, days before taking office, AMLO announced the creation of the Business Advisory Council, which, he said then through a video, would be coordinated by the also businessman Alfonso Romo Garza, who today serves as Head of the Office. of the Presidency of the Republic.


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AMLO flies to Washington, DC, a trip that raises expectations for Trump attacks on Mexicans

In this message, the current President of Mexico said that the formation of the advisory council was an initiative of the businessmen, with whom he would meet every three or four months to know their points of view and support their federal government, so the idea is that a civil society institution be established to help the government achieve Mexico’s progress with justice.

“Some Mexican businessmen are going to join me, some Mexican businessmen are invited to a dinner, not all of them, two are missing. They are businessmen, because they, the members of the United States government proposed this, they also have guests, and we also made an invitation to businessmen, we are still missing two that they are going to confirm today, ”he said from the National Palace.

“I am going to ask Marcelo Ebrard that today … Dinner is tomorrow, it is until tomorrow afternoon-night, because it is only for them to accompany us at dinner, work meetings have to do with public servants, basically” he added.


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