Grasshopper loses big to Wil, Lausanne laughs

Grasshopper loses big to Wil, Lausanne laughs

Thanks to the Zurich defeat at Wil, the Vaudois have almost both feet in the Super League.

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Grasshopper players no longer have their fate in hand.

Lausanne-Sport must have welcomed Grasshopper’s defeat to Wil on Monday evening (3-2) in a catch-up match of the 34th day of the Challenge League.

With two games to go to the end of the season, the Vaudois have six points ahead of the second, Vaduz, and a goal difference (+42) which almost shelters them from a return from the Liechtenstein (+24) .

The promotion is therefore not official yet, but it would take an earthquake not to see LS in the Super League next season.

Vaduz second

For Grasshopper, on the other hand, things get complicated. Now third, the Zurichers, who will go to Aarau and host Winterthur, are no longer jump-offs.

They must count on a misstep from Vaduz, who will receive Schaffhausen and finish in Kriens, to hope to challenge the penultimate Super League.

The five points lost in the last two games weigh heavily in the balance and Grasshopper, who had not lost a game from the resumption until the defeat against Lausanne on July 17, seems to pay for this debauchery of energy. To be checked during the last two laps.


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