Harassed by creepy fans

Harassed by creepy fans

The reality TV star Shanna Kress receives inappropriate messages from men who take their dreams for reality…

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Shanna Kress, 33, wants to be respected on social networks.

Coming out of anonymity thanks to reality TV, Shana Kress finds that celebrity is not always easy to live with. The ex-candidate of the “Angels” observes that many admirers imagine that they have a privileged relationship with her.

Suddenly, they send him inappropriate messages on the Net. The 33-year-old Frenchwoman, exiled to the United States to break into music, therefore took a rant in a story Instagram. “The guys who are having conversations thinking that I have been in a relationship with them for months, and who send me” Baby, I miss you “,” Why don’t you answer me? “,” I worry for you “… We’re going to calm down!”, she got angry.

One of them particularly harasses the starlet by bombarding her with text messages. She has published several on the social network. “I only put part of it. It’s just to tell him to stop. I’m not in a relationship with you, she wrote to him. You freak me out! It is not at all something that attracts me. On the contrary, it scares me. ” It remains to be seen whether he will have understood the message …


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