healthy and ready to play with Yankees

healthy and ready to play with Yankees

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Dominican Gary Sánchez: healthy and ready to play with the Yankees

Although the word health right now makes us think about the issue of coronavirus, for players it is also a reference in their physical condition… and it is that this forced pause is helping them directly to be without injuries, without ailments, without physical problems.

“We went a long time without playing baseball, so your body obviously feels rested, healthy, ready to play”Declared Sánchez

The New York Yankees catcher values ​​that having been without playing allows you to be physically in a very different condition than last year, since at this point he had already gone through the disabled list after suffering a pull in the left groin.

I can tell you that every time you see my name on the lineup, I will be ready to play. Eventually, they will make a decision and see how many games I should play behind the plate, but if my name is on the lineup, I will be ready to play, “he continued.

Sánchez has worked in his native Dominican Republic since March and, supported by his coach Tanner Swanson, exhibited a lower posture behind the plate with the intention of “stealing” the low strikes.

“I had an army of people practicing with me,” Sánchez said. “We kept in touch almost daily. I videotaped my sessions and sent them to [Swanson], and he would take a look at them, comment on it and It indicated the adjustments to make. That was the plan, continue working on all the details ”.


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