HERE check if you access S / 160 to pay a utility bill

HERE check if you access S / 160 to pay a utility bill

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Electricity Bond: Consultation link to find out if I am a beneficiary of the 160 soles bond

BONO 160 | The Government approved the delivery of the Electricity voucher as economic aid for the households of poverty and extreme poverty that have been affected by the pandemic of coronavirus and keep debts of their light receipts.

Likewise, Osinergmin already approved the procedure for applying the monetary subsidy of 160 soles for families with fewer resources to pay their electricity bills nationwide since the start of the pandemic.

Who are the beneficiaries of Osinergmin’s 2020 electricity voucher?

This financial support seeks to alleviate the expenses of the basic electricity service of Peruvian families in the middle of the state of health emergency caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, which has left almost 12 thousand dead today.

Among the requirements to collect the Electricity voucher of 160 soles, you must be a residential user of the electricity service with average consumption of up to 125 kWh / month during the months between the period March 2019 – February 2020.

Also, it must belong to the socio-economic segments D and E of the population at the National level. In the case of Lima and Callao, the delivery point of the benefited supply should not be located in the apples classified as high and medium high strata.

The measure would benefit 5.3 million people in all regions of the country. Also, the delivery date of the Light bonus will depend directly on the procedure you will perform Osinergmin and electric companies like Enel, Luz del Sur, etc.

Below you will find the details of the new subsidy to cover expenses of the light bill:

When does the FIRST LIST of beneficiaries of the 160 soles bonus come out?

The Minister of the Minem, Susana Vilca Achata, indicated that there is no list prepared and according to the procedures that the decree on the 2020 Electricity voucher, the entity in charge of choosing the beneficiaries is Osinergmin with a period of 20 working days to verify the list of clients who deserve to receive the money.

“Osinergmin will validate all information provided on the maximum or seasonal consumption. We want to make sure they go through a good filter to just approve the list of beneficiaries, “said the head of Minem.

How do I know if I am a beneficiary of S / 160 to pay the electricity bill?

Osinergmin You should receive a list of the electricity companies that are in the agreement. The entity will be in charge of verifying that the beneficiaries are users of the poverty and extreme poverty sector.

Finally, for the first week of August, companies such as Enel, Luz del Sur, etc. They must notify each client who has benefited from the 160 soles to make the discount of the total amount of your debt effective. Finally, the discount will be reflected in the amount calculated on your electricity bill for the month.

What is the platform to check if I am a beneficiary of the 2020 Electricity voucher?

The Minister of Energy and Mines, Susana Vilca Achata, announced that it would take about 20 days to establish a platform in the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin) to receive the information from the energy distribution companies and validate the list of beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, it is possible that according to the DU for the first week of August the online website is ready so that customers can see if they are beneficiaries of the 160 soles voucher entering with your supply number.


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