his health worries his loved ones

his health worries his loved ones

Yoko Ono’s state of health has worried his loved ones for several years now. And it seems that the latter is particularly degraded.

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Yoko Ono: his state of health worries his relatives

Confined to his apartment in Dakota, John Lennon’s wife is not in great shape according to his relatives. The 87-year-old artist seems very weakened by the disease that has affected her since 2017. Indeed, a relative revealed that year that the former companion of John Lennon, murdered in 1980, suffered from an illness which she refused to disclose the name. And Sean’s mom would be hard pressed to recover. In an interview with the New York Post, a close relative of the family, Elliot Mintz confided in his current state of health and the news is not particularly reassuring. He reveals that Yoko Ono is “definitely in slow motion, like anyone at this age” before revealing that she could no longer do without daily medical care.

her son sean stays near her

Relatives and anonymous people have been worried about the health of John Lennon’s widow for several months now. During these last appearances she had appeared very weak, in a wheelchair or with a cane and since then, the concern has grown. But Yoko Ono who made strange revelations on the bisexuality of the Beatles, can count on the infallible support of his son Sean, who remains by his side during this complicated period. Aware of his mother’s state of health, he stays close to her and tries to spend as much time as possible with her, as Elliot Mintz confided: “Sean is his best friend. They have dinner two or three times a week together , and he occasionally invites his mom with his group. ”


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