How much is the termination clause for Sampaoli in Mineiro?

How much is the termination clause for Sampaoli in Mineiro?

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Jorge Sampaoli could go to Flamengo, but for that they should pay the saldia clause. EFE

Jorge Sampaoli has signed a contract with Atlético Mineiro until 2021 with an exit clause if any club intends to take the Argentine coach. The amount? The institution that wants it must pay $ 3,400,000, as revealed by Lásaro Candido da Cunha, vice president of the Belo Horizonte team.

The same figure is what the coach should pay the Brazilian team if he decided to fire Sampaoli before the contract ends.

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But what is the revelation of these amounts for? This figure is discussed Due to the interest of Benfica of Portugal for the Flamengo coach, Jorge Jesús, which would lead the Rio club to go out in search of Sampaoli, for this reason it is not by chance that the club has revealed the amount of the clause.

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“There are technicians all over the world, the professionals are there and if a club comes here and pays the clause there is no way to prevent it. Sampaoli is working every day, at six in the morning he was in the training center. Sampaoli is not known to be an easy guy, but he is hard working and dedicated. He does his part, we do ours“said Da Cunha.

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“Contracts are like this, I don’t think Sampaoli is leaving this year, I don’t think there is any scenario for him to go to another club in Brazil. If a club comes from outside and our currency is weak, it may be, but I don’t know if it would have the working conditions there that it has here, “assured the manager.

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With Sampaoli, Mineiro hardly played a game official until now: it was March 14 in Nova Lima, a 3-1 victory over Villa Nova for the Mineiro Championship.


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