how to practice this type of yoga to enjoy the benefits

how to practice this type of yoga to enjoy the benefits

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Kundalini: how to practice this type of yoga to enjoy the benefits

Improved mood, better management of emotions, easier decision-making, greater muscle flexibility and prevention of back pain… Kundalini Yoga is a discipline open to all, which allows life to be transformed at different levels. Zoom in on this practice, which is becoming trendy in France.

Kundalini Yoga: what is it?

Generally speaking, the yoga comes from the eastern zone to India and Pakistan. The Kundalini Yoga is a type of yoga that comes more from the Pakistan side, and which dates back around 4000 years.

It was first offered to the general public in the 1970s in the United States, with a few masters who came to repeat the practice. Then, Kundalini Yoga arrived in Europe, particularly appreciated in Germany, Holland and Denmark, it starts to be trendy in France recently.

This discipline is somewhat at the origin of the so-called “royal” yoga, which has been passed down from generation to generation, from master to initiate, which makes it a practice that is still quite discreet.

Kundalini Yoga consists of work on the energy called “Kundalini”, which resides in the part of the lumbar, reins of our body.

The objective of this practice is to awaken the energy of the Kundalini, which passes through all chakras (which are the main energy points of our body), in order to ensure that the energy goes back easily.

It is a yoga practice that does not necessarily require a flexibility special, which makes it really accessible to everyone. It incorporates asanas (which are the postures) quite dynamic, not always static, because we will work on the awakening of the body, and pranayamas (who are breathing exercises). In each session, we have a phase of meditation and of relaxation (nidra), which is a kind of sophrology.

The particularity of Kundalini Yoga is that the sequences of exercises offered are dedicated to specific points (a part of our body, an energy, a chakra in particular, the psyche …)

The advantage is therefore that when you practice, you can easily have an intention, you know what you are working on, and you can do it “in depth”.

A course, which lasts between 1 hour and 1h30, is also an excellent entry point for a meditation, to get in the best conditions.

The benefits of Kundalini on body and mind

We feel immediate well-being

As after any yoga class, in principle, at the end of the session, you already feel a general well-being of body and mind. Tensions are released, you feel relaxed, especially thanks to the work on mantras (which are yogic songs, composed of words from sacred songs, especially from the Sikh religion).

You can develop your intuition, creativity, etc.

During Kundalini yoga sessions, we work on the chakras, and each chakra has its specificity (action, compassion, creativity, intuition…). Each focus on a chakra during the sessions allows you to work more on it, and thus develop your creativity, your intuition, the fact of being in action …

We boost the mood

As you practice, you can observe an improvement in morale,mood, through a positive change in the appreciation of life, of the environment in which we live. This practice can be a good accompaniment, for example, for people who suffer from depression.

We improve posture

This is the case with other types of yoga, but Kundalini too can significantly improve posture. We stand more upright, thanks to an effect on the physique (the bust is more proud, the chest open), but also thanks to the effect on the mind (we suffer less our life, we wear it less physically, and it shows).

We gain flexibility

The realization of asanas (postures), associated with the realization of breathing exercises allows to gain muscle flexibility.

This discipline helps prevent pain

Over the course of the sessions, Kundalini yoga will help prevent back and lumbar pain. The chained postures will prevent pain in the shoulders, which often occur when working behind a computer, or tension pains related to stress.

The practice of Kundalini makes us evolveAfter two to three months of practice on average, we activate things at the subconscious level: we evolve in our daily way of acting, of making decisions, we become aware of things that are wrong in our life and this t is already a first step to make them evolve.

Kundalini Yoga: what are the dangers?

If Kundalini Yoga is a practice that is aimed at the greatest number, women and men of all ages, the breathing exercises offered during the sessions are contraindicated in the pregnant woman, and to women at certain times of their menstrual cycle, because of the work on the lower abdomen, very powerful that we do.

Self-CT before practice is importantBefore practicing, each person should listen to his body to know his physical condition, his state of health. It is possible to bypass the constraints, provided you indicate them to your teacher at the start of the session.

Two Kundalini exercises to experience

The fire breathing exercise

Get into a sitting posture on a chair, or on a cross-legged cushion. Close your eyes, lower your chin slightly down and back. Inhale normally through your nose, relax the abdominal part. The expiration will come from the movement of abdominals, which you are going to push towards the lungs.

The duration of inspiration must be equal to that of expiration (to be observed, to avoid the risk of hyperventilation).

Do for 2 to 3 minutes.

The benefits of this breathing exercise: thanks to this work on exhalation and inspiration, we will increase lung capacity, come and clean the trachea (between the nose and the lungs). It is an ideal exercise at the start of class, as it activates the nervous system and provides oxygen to the muscles.

To note : this breathing exercise is contraindicated in pregnant women.

Exercise to boost energySit on your heels, the spine straight, chin slightly down and back. Come put your arms above your head, and intertwine your fingers. Point your index fingers at the sky, arms outstretched. Sing the mantra now Sat Nam (which means “the true identity”): sing Tot pulling in your stomach in the exhale, sing male by releasing the whole belly. As you practice, close your eyes and focus on the point between the eyebrows (related to the 6th chakra, commonly referred to as the 3rd eye). Start by doing it for 3 minutes, then extend the practice over the sessions …

The benefits of this exercise: here there is a work on the abdominals, the digestive organs, which will help to improve digestion, and to gain energy. Indeed, this posture, associated with the mantra, will bring the energy up along the spine and thus release the energy along the circulation of the chakras …

Thanks to Sylvain Charpiot, yoga teacher,, to find on Facebook.

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