How to properly apply self-tanners on your hands

How to properly apply self-tanners on your hands

Self-tanning can look great – provided it is applied evenly. The hands turn out to be a real challenge

So the self-tanning result on the hands becomes perfect ISTOCKPHOTO

Self-tanning is perfect for a sun-kissed complexion – without the dangers that harmful UV rays pose to health. Whether lotion, gel or mousse – there is a suitable product for every taste. But no matter how perfect the result is – a tell-tale point often shows that the tan is not real, but comes from the tube. The hands.

There are two reasons for this: First, many tend to have dry skin areas on the wrists (as well as on the knees and ankles), which is why these areas often become blotchy. Second, many manufacturers in the manual indicate that they should wash their hands after applying the self-tanner (especially if the tan was not used but the self-tanner was applied with the bare hands). The result: tanned arms and white hands.

5 tips for the perfect false tan

This is how you apply self-tanners on your hands

1st method:

  • First, apply a lotion or hand cream to your entire hand to prevent the self-tanner from becoming too dark or stained in dry places. Also please do not leave out the knuckles and the skin around the nail bed!
  • Then apply lotion on the wrists again so that the transition from arm to hand is as smooth as possible.
  • If you have one Tanning glove Use: First apply self-tanner to the whole body and then run over your hands in a circular motion and without exerting much pressure. The remaining product, which is still on the glove, is enough to give a delicate tan.
  • If you like the product bare-handed Apply: Put a pea-sized amount of self-tanner on the back of your hands and joints and rub them against each other (keep your fingers out!) so that the self-tanner is evenly distributed. Then fold your hands together and rub the excess product from your wrists over your fingers.

2nd method

This trick is our favorite, but it works best with Self-tanning products in spray form. Put about two to three pumps on the back of your hand and work the product in with a soft (clean!) Make-up brush in circular movements. Don’t forget the spaces between your fingers!


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