Hybrid vehicles on the rise

Hybrid vehicles on the rise

Purchases of new vehicles have declined in Switzerland, but the interest of Helvetians in hybrid cars continues to grow.

Water cars posted exceptional growth (+ 101%).

New vehicle releases fell 4% in June compared to the same month a year earlier to 36,475 units. The fall is even 14% for passenger cars.

If the petrol (-21%) and diesel (-31%) categories suffered a lot, the electric (+ 19%) and especially the hydric (+ 101%) categories posted exceptional growth, the Federal Office of statistics (FSO) in a press release.

Decline in registrations

The magnitude of the decline in passenger car registrations thus returns to its level of February 2020, which already showed a fall of 14%. Meanwhile, with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, releases had plummeted, with a peak of -67% in April (9225 new units only).

The decline has been chronic for years. In January, before the confinement, the SFO announced a contraction of 10% in the new releases of passenger cars.


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