“I had to move to France”


The SSP union denounces the casualization of employees of companies operating at Geneva airport from the Covid. He calls for the creation of a compensation fund.

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Employees denounce conditions that have worsened since the health crisis (KEYSTONE / Laurent Gillieron)

“I was earning up to 3,700 francs a month, everything was fine, then there was the Covid crisis, I received 700 francs in March, I had to move to France,” said a part-time employee of a security company at Geneva airport. His scheduled working hours were cut overnight, he said.

On Tuesday, the Union of Public Services (SSP) denounced the growing casualization of many employees of companies operating on the airport platform, since the pandemic. “These are workers who, while employed, must use social services to support themselves. Many have contacted us, ”said Jamshid Pouranpir, union secretary of SSP Airport.

From 4,750 to 3,150 francs

An employee of a ground support company saw his salary drop from 4,750 francs to 3,150 francs with the Covid, a drop of 33%, “while partial unemployment provides for the payment of 80% of the salary”, a reminded the trade unionist: “Living four in Geneva with this sum is impossible.” Another security worker, on work stoppage due to an accident, reported that he had received nothing more in May or June: “I sent the hospital certificate, however- he said. I will soon have a child and I have nothing. It’s abusive. ”

“Precarious contracts have multiplied at the airport in recent years, there have been a lot of outsourcing and temporary positions have become generalized,” portrayed Jamshid Pouranpir. “We cannot accept that in this country, with a work contract and a job, people must find themselves queuing at the Vernets to have a bag of food,” he continued.

Compensation fund requested

The SSP requests the creation of a compensation fund supplied by the State and the airport for cases of hardship. It also calls for a ban on the dismissal of people said to be at risk, or in companies having obtained federal or cantonal aid. He also wishes, among other things, that all protective equipment related to the Covid (hydro-alcoholic gel, gloves, masks, handkerchiefs), as well as screening tests, be provided free of charge to all employees of the platform.

Jamshid Pouranpir said he had asked the Council of State, but regretted having only received a written response from State Councilor Serge Dal Busco, in charge of the Department of Infrastructure (DI): “There is a responsibility for the ‘State, which refers us to the airport’s administrative council,’ he laments.

DI spokesperson Roland Godel confirmed the letter and said: “Serge Dal Busco replied to the union to assure him that the Council of State and the airport’s general management were fully committed during this very period. difficult for the airport, in order to ensure its sustainability. It underlines the importance of the consultation with the unions led by the general management and the need to pursue a constructive dialogue to overcome the current phase as well as possible. ”

Penalties for breach

For its part, Genève Aéroport indicates “taking stock regularly with companies on the airport site through the Task Forces set up”, reports Madeleine Von Holzen, head of communications at Genève Aéroport. She recalls that “the airport attaches great importance to compliance with laws and regulations by the companies of the platform”. The spokesperson adds that the contracts between Genève Aéroport and its partners “contain strict requirements in terms of worker protection”, which “provide for possibilities of financial penalty in the event of a violation found by the competent authorities and non-delivery timely compliance. However, it should be noted that Genève Aéroport does not have the power to control the activities of companies. ”

As for hydro-alcoholic gel or masks, Genève Aéroport “distributes to all its employees all the necessary protective equipment and has also supported by various means (grouped orders, punctual distribution to supplement certain stocks) the companies of the platform in this regard . ”


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