I no longer want to be a deputy; I’m sick of politics: the Mijis

I no longer want to be a deputy; I'm sick of politics: the Mijis

Pedro Carrizales, the “Mijis, a local deputy without in San Luis Potosí, claimed to be fed up with politics and assured that the will work cycling the “real Mexico”.

Two years after becoming local independent deputy in San Luis Potosí, he “Mijis“He used his official Twitter account, to ensure that behind a desk nothing will change, while he claimed to be tired of the corrupt deals and simulation.

In the video he shared with followers, the “Mijis“He assured that he already grabbed” the baica “because he no longer plans to continue working as a deputy, so he will travel the country by bicycle and demonstrate that” a cooler Mexico can be made. “

“I do not plan to continue as a deputy. I’m sick of politics, I’m sick of corrupt deals. I think politics is not done behind the desk, it is done in real life. I think you travel, chambar, travel Mexico by bicycle because I want to travel the real Mexico. The Mexico of the disappeared, the Mexico of murders, the Mexico of femicides. And I want to show that a cooler Mexico can be made ”,

Pedro Carrizales, ‘El Mijis’

However, so far the Congress of San Luis Potosí not yet manifested on the legislator’s statements, which is considered vulnerable group ambassadors, nor on whether the Mijis he has already formally resigned, as he is preparing to return to legislative activities.

He Mijis”Resigned in October 2019 to the parliamentary section of the Labor Party in the entity after reporting threats from the National comission of said party after its denunciations of the “rot” within said institution, to which it was added in the congress, although it did not belong to its ranks.

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