‘I thought about selling a house’

'I thought about selling a house'

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Asia Argento

Asia Argento experienced serious economic difficulties not too long ago. The actress revealed that she had even come to think of selling the house in Rome where she lives and on which she is still paying a mortgage, just to be able to recover the necessary fluids to go on. In an interview with ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’ she said she had taken a big hit when in 2018 she was practically fired by ‘X Factor’ after the young Jimmy Bennett accused her of sexual violence.

“In a world of pigs, a woman is hunted because an almost eighteen-year-old declares that I raped her. Mechanically, it’s also a joke,” he said. At that point she found herself experiencing serious income-related difficulties, but fortunately several TV hosts helped her get up. “I thought about selling a house on which I pay the mortgage, but I have to thank Barbara D’Urso and the programs like hers if I recovered, otherwise I was finished. I was forced to put my face on it,” he added.

Last year the 44 year old, daughter of the Italian horror king Dario Argento, also participated in the latest edition of ‘Beijing Express’, but had to leave the game almost immediately due to a very serious injury. “I had been preparing for 5 months with Vera (Gemma, her dear friend and adventure companion, editor’s note) and I lasted 5 days. I broke my knee, but also two fingers. Nobody believed me because I wasn’t crying. they took it seriously because I wasn’t whimpering, I know the pain I can forfeit, “he explained via social some time ago.


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