Illegal pump gun found at ex-police officer

Illegal pump gun found at ex-police officer

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A protester holds a poster during a rally in downtown Wiesbaden.

Investigators have allegedly found illegal weapons in the ex-police officer from Landshut, who was accused of the right-wing extremist series of threatening letters “NSU 2.0”. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the Munich Attorney General on Wednesday. Several media had previously reported on it.

It was a pump gun and two pistols. Forbidden items such as pepper spray and truncheons were also found. “In addition to and completely independent of the allegations in connection with” NSU 2.0 “, there is a separate suspicion for violations of the Arms Act,” said the spokesman. The Bavarian Central Agency for Combating Extremism and Terrorism (ZET) is conducting the investigation.

Last Friday was the 63-year-old ex-cop and his 55-year-old wife has been provisionally arrested. The couple were suspected of having sent several letters with insulting, hateful and threatening content to members of the Bundestag and various other addressees, the Frankfurt prosecutor said. He denies the allegations of having anything to do with the threatening letters. (dpa)


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