In a last interview, Alfredo Sirkis denounced Bolsonaro’s “ignorance” about environmental cause to RFI

In a last interview, Alfredo Sirkis denounced Bolsonaro's

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Carioca writer and journalist Alfredo Sirkis died on Friday (10) in a car accident in Baixada Fluminense (RJ). The celebrated environmentalist, one of the founders of the Green Party, spoke with the RFI on July 2, about the launch of his new book, “Descarbonário”, commented on the ups and downs of the environmental cause in Brazil, denouncing the president’s “profound ignorance” Brazilian, Jair Bolsonaro, on the issue.

“Bolsonaro hates the Environment, hates ecologists, hates anyone who cares about the subject, and identifies with the land grabber, the deforestator and the prospector. He has a ‘bandeirante soul’, those expeditions that went into the forest to look for stones and killing the Indians. That’s the mentality, “said Sirkis, in an interview with RFI.

The writer also commented the Brazilian president’s conception of the environmental cause. “For him, the environmental issue is inside the box of communism. He thinks it was the communists who invented ‘this business’. (…) Bolsonaro’s conception exists within the profound misinformation and ignorance, and that stance summed up by the joke Brazilian woman who says ‘I don’t know, I don’t want to know and I’m angry with those who know’ ”, he evaluated.

Sirkis died around 1:50 pm on Friday, in a car accident at the Metropolitan Arch (BR-493), in Nova Iguaçu (RJ). According to the Federal Highway Police, he was alone in the vehicle and headed towards Via Dutra. He was going to Morro Azul (RJ) to visit his mother, Liliana, 96, in social isolation due to the pandemic. The writer was 69 years old, married to publisher and entrepreneur Ana Borelli and left a son and a daughter.

Biography: from militancy to the founding of the Green Party

Alfredo Hélio Sirkis was born in Rio de Janeiro on December 8, 1950, the son of Jewish-Polish immigrants. In his youth, he participated in protests against the Military Dictatorship, such as the Hundred Thousand March, in June 1968.

At the time he studied at the College of Application of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (CAp / UFRJ), he began to dedicate himself to student militancy. He joined groups that carried out war actions against the dictatorship, such as the Popular Revolutionary Vanguarda.

In 1970, he was involved in the kidnapping of the Swiss ambassador Giovanni Enrico Bucher. In 1971, Sirkis went into exile and lived in Chile, Argentina and France. With the Amnesty Law, he returned to Brazil in 1979.

As a journalist, he worked for magazines This is e Look, in addition to having collaborated with several other newspapers of the Brazilian press. In politics, he was one of the pioneers in the fight for the preservation of the environment in Brazil, and one of the founders of the Green Party, in January 1986, becoming president of the legend in 1991.

Author of nine books, Sirkis received the 1981 Jabuti Award for “Os Carbonários” (1980). Two weeks ago, he launched “Descarbonário, on climate change, which brings a balance of politics in Brazil, about which he talked with RFI on July 2nd.


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