India overtakes Russia in number of corona cases

India overtakes Russia in number of corona cases

India has overtaken Russia in the number of corona cases – only Brazil and the United States now have more reported infections.

© Foto: Aijaz Rahi / AP / dpa
India is currently the third most affected country by the corona virus worldwide.

This is shown by figures from Johns Hopkins University. India thus had more than 697,000 cases on Monday, Russia more than 680,000. The numbers in India have been increasing faster since measures to contain the pandemic have been loosened significantly to boost the economy. During the strict lockdown, millions of people became unemployed and many were afraid to starve.

In the meantime, hospital beds are becoming scarce in the Indian capital and metropolis New Delhi. The government has temporary corona hospitals set up – among other things in trains, hotels and in a large center with ten thousand cardboard beds.


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