Ingrid Coronado explains why she gave up being a singer and decided to become a conductor

Ingrid Coronado explains why she gave up being a singer and decided to become a conductor

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Ingrid Coronado

Ingrid Coronado She has become one of the most important celebrities on Mexican television thanks to all the years she was the titular host of the TV Azteca morning show, Venga la Alegría, where she won the love of viewers for her joy and relaxed attitude. Although before developing as a presenter, several years ago, the famous had a musical facet where she developed as a supporting vocalist for Timbiriche and Denise de Kalafe , although its most successful moment was in 1994, when it joined the Garibaldi group, replacing Paty manterola .

After leaving the group, due to the birth of her first child, Emiliano, the host wondered about her future in the entertainment world. “20 years ago, when my son Emiliano was one year old, I wanted to go back to work. I had left the Garibaldi group and did not know what to do, “he wrote. Ingrid next to an image in which he appears in profile. ⁣ “Actress? I thought. No, because I would have to be on call all day and I could not see my son, in addition to kissing strangers, it did not beat me much, “she wrote on her Instagram profile. “Singer? I would have to be on tour and I couldn’t be that close to my child either. Besides that it doesn’t fascinate me as a song… yet ”, she added. “Already! TV host! That’s how the program lasts, I can be with my little one and the camera will almost always take me straight because I don’t like my nose in profile hahahaha ⁣ I had the idea of ​​having the worst profile in the world! And the truth, now that I see myself with more love and affection, I even liked this photo and that’s why I wanted to share them. Would you like to change the way you see any part of your body? It helps me to think that, regardless of whether it meets some standard of beauty, it is mine, that’s how I am, and that is why I accept it, embrace it and as a consequence, I even like it! ”, She concluded. . A few months ago, the host confessed that the program Come joy was created with a purpose: to compete with Andrea Legarreta . Ingrid , who in November 2018 ended his working relationship with TV Azteca, told on Instagram the little-known story behind the famous morning of thejusco television.

According to what she said, it all started when she decided to leave the Tempranito program to dedicate herself to her then husband, Charly lopez , and the son they have in common, Emiliano . “There was a time in my life when I made the difficult decision to retire from my professional job to dedicate myself fully to my personal life. I dreamed of being a full-time mom and housewife. I gave up my program that was Tempranito ”. But this retreat was not what Ingrid expected and, in less than he imagined, he had already contacted Mario San Román , since then vice president of the Council of TV Azteca, to express his desire to return to television. “Things did not go as expected and two months later I was talking to my boss at the time, showing him my interest in returning to work. Mario, whom I also consider a very good friend, behaved like a father to me. He understood and supported me in my new decision asking me what I would like to do. ” When asked by the executive, Ingrid Coronado He didn’t think twice: he wanted a space to compete with the television personality he admired the most. “These were my words: My favorite driver is Andrea Legarreta, therefore I would like to compete with him… He thought it was a good idea and even gave me the opportunity to propose which producer and drivers I would like to work with and this is how we create Venga joy ”, he said Ingrid .


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