“Intervene or ban landings”


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Migrants, governor of Calabria to Conte: “Intervene or ban landings”

After the last landings of migrants in Calabria, some of which are positive for the coronavirus, the president of the Region Jole Santelli writes to Prime Minister Conte giving an ultimatum to the government: “Without a quick response, I will not hesitate to act by prohibiting the landings”. For the governor, the only solution is “the requisition of ships to be deployed in front of the coasts of the Regions concerned, on which checks on immigrants will be carried out”.

“Such landings cannot, obviously, be addressed with ordinary measures, given the emergency medical situation resulting from the spread of the Covid-19 virus which, although it has reduced in size, cannot be said to be outdated at all”. “As many as 27 migrants, landed in the port of Roccella, were positive and others, probably, will be positive in the coming days – continues Santelli -. I therefore ask the government to intervene, adopting measures aimed at preventing immigrants from being managed, by a health point of view, only after their landing on the ground “.

“I expect a very quick response from the government and I warn that, otherwise, I will not hesitate to act, exercising my ordinance powers for a health emergency, prohibiting landings in Calabria – concludes Santelli -. I want to avoid an arm wrestling with the government, but I have an obligation to defend the Calabrians and those who have chosen to spend their holidays in Calabria “.


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