Iran confirms it mistakenly shot down Ukraine International plane

Iran confirms it mistakenly shot down Ukraine International plane

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The report by the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization regarding the fall of a Ukrainian plane on January 8 assures that the accident was due to “human error” when proceeding to the alignment of one of the units of the air defense system . The report, released this Sunday (07.12.2020), refers to a demolition that killed 176 people.

The investigation determined that said radar was not restored to the north direction after its geographic location change, which produced “an error of 107 degrees”. “The identified objects were observed at a magnification of 107 degrees by the system operator,” explains the text, which led to the identification of the plane as a threat and the firing of two missiles to shoot it down.

This initial error, the document continues, “is the origin of a dangerous chain (of events) that obviously could have been controlled if other measures had been adopted.” Among those mistakes are communication problems between the troops and their Revolutionary Guard commanders, a chain that ended with the destruction of Ukraine International Airlines’ Boeing 737.

A hectic night

Regarding procedures, the report stipulates that the operator was not authorized to fire without having previously received the approval of the Coordination Center, which never issued a similar order. The impact of the first missile on the plane, which was flying Flight 752 between Tehran and Kiev, caused a fire in the aircraft, which ended up crashing to the ground.

For several days, the Iranian authorities denied any involvement in the events. The crash of the Ukrainian plane occurred the same night that Iran launched a missile attack on US military bases in Iraq, in response to the targeted assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad.

Of the 176 deceased occupants, according to the airline’s data, 82 were Iranians, 63 Canadians, eleven Ukrainians (two passengers and nine crew), ten Swedes, four Afghans, three Germans and three British, although the Iranian authorities raised to 146 their nationals by not recognizing the dual nationality of several of them.


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