Istanbul University will get research assistant

Istanbul University will get research assistant

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Istanbul University will take research assistants – What are the application requirements?

Istanbul University announced that 11 research assistants will be recruited to be employed within the university. According to the announcement published in the Official Gazette, 5 research assistants will be assigned to the Faculty of Law, 4 research assistants to the Faculty of Economics, 1 research assistant to the Faculty of Water Sciences and 1 research assistant to the Institute of Aviation Psychology Research. Here are the details of Istanbul University research assistant recruitment requirements.

Istanbul University Rectorate announced that academic staff would be recruited. According to the announcement published in the Official Gazette, candidates will complete their application process until July 21, the deadline. Here are the details of the announcement.

In the announcement made by the university, “The relevant articles of the Presidential Decree No. 10 published in the Official Gazette dated 15.07.2018, the relevant articles of our university, whose names are listed below, the relevant articles of the Law No. 2547, the 48th article of the Civil Servants Law No. 657 and the Official Gazette dated 09.11.2018 ‘ In accordance with the relevant articles of the Regulation on the Principles and Principles Regarding the Central Examination and Entrance Examinations to be Applied in the Appointments to the Staff Members Other than the Faculty Member, which entered into force after being published in 2014, personnel will be recruited personally or by mail.


1. Candidates should not have State Service Obligations.

2. Male candidates who will apply to these posted positions should not be in the position of a court or other person in terms of military service.

3. Delays in mail, applications not made to the relevant units within the periods specified in the announcement and applications with incomplete documents will not be taken into account and the responsibility belongs to the applicant. Applications to be made by mail must reach the Dean’s Office / Directorate of the relevant Unit, until the application deadline ends. (Our University is not responsible for the postal delays.)

4. No application will be received through the Internet.

5. In the event that the exam is won, it is obligatory to submit the originals of the documents of the candidates / candidates / candidates who are entitled to be appointed, the ones approved by the Official Institution (like the original) or notarized copies.

6. Since the exams will be at the same time in the Unit where the announcement is made, the applicants must apply to a single staff announcement within the Unit where the announcement is made. Both applications of candidates who apply to more than one staff within the unit where the announcement is made will not be evaluated. (In case of more than one cadre announcement)

7. Exams of candidates / candidates determined to make false statements in the requested documents will be deemed invalid and their assignments will not be made. In the event that the applicant candidates / candidates are found to be inconvenient afterwards, even if their appointments are made, they will be canceled and cannot claim any rights.

8. The research assistant staff must apply the Ad specific requirement until the result announcement date stated in the announcement calendar, and the postgraduate student status must continue while the appointment is being made.

9. Candidates who want to apply for the announcement can reach the staff’s contact addresses from the website of the relevant unit.

10. If the Administration deems appropriate, each stage of the Notice can be canceled.

11. Our ad can be accessed at


First Application Date: 07.07.2020

Application Deadline: 21.07.2020

Preliminary Evaluation Date: 24.07.2020

Entrance Exam Date: 05.08.2020

Result Disclosure Date: 07.08.2020



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