Italy identifies 129 cases of Covid in migrant center

Italy identifies 129 cases of Covid in migrant center

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Shelter for asylum seekers in Italy, in photo file

(ANSA) – Italian authorities have identified 129 cases of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus at a reception center for migrants and refugees in Casier, in the north of the country.

Contagions were detected in a screening conducted by the Local Sociosanitary Unit (ULSS), which submitted 293 extra-community members and 22 employees to the RT-PCR exam, which detects the genetic material of the virus in nasal or pharyngeal secretions.

All those infected are asymptomatic and have been placed in isolation within the reception center. Those who tested negative are also in quarantine, and there will be a new round of tests next week.

“The picture is under control, I am sure that the situation will be managed with maximum reasonability,” said the mayor of Casier, Renzo Carraretto. Health officials are now trying to trace the infected people’s contacts with other city residents.

The migrants housed in Casier are not those who have arrived in southern Italy in recent weeks, especially on the island of Lampedusa. Last June, guests at the reception center protested the ban on leaving for work after detecting a positive case of coronavirus among staff there. (ANSA)


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