Jaguar Land Rover develops contactless display

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This touch screen and predictive is not limited only to the automobile.

After the coronavirus has paralyzed the entire planet, it is asked to limit contact, wear a mask and wash hands regularly in order to stem the spread of the virus. Car manufacturers are not immune to the virus and are looking for solutions to keep their vehicles as infected as possible.

With this in mind, Jaguar Land Rover is developing a new technology, a contactless screen, which, as its name suggests, does not require contact with the driver’s or passenger’s finger to operate. Indeed, thanks to this technology, JLR wants the screens of its cars to remain intact. Screens are indeed nests for microbes and viruses, and in the current context, a contactless screen makes perfect sense.

“As countries around the world emerge from containment, we are seeing how many daily transactions are made using touchscreens: train or movie tickets, ATMs, airport check-in and free checkouts. supermarket service, as well as many industrial and manufacturing applications. Predictive touchscreen technology eliminates the need to touch an interactive screen and could therefore reduce the risk of bacteria or viruses spreading on surfaces. “said Lee Skrypchuk, human-machine interface technical specialist, Jaguar Land Rover.

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This technology, which JLR is developing in partnership with the University of Cambridge, uses artificial intelligence and a bunch of sensors to predict which button the user wants to press. So, by simply bringing your finger near the screen and pointing at the desired button, the car will select it, just like you would by tapping on it.

“This technology also gives us the opportunity to make vehicles safer by reducing the cognitive load on drivers and increasing the time they can spend concentrating on the road.”said Professor Simon Godsill, of the engineering department at Cambridge University.


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