Jaime Bonilla refuses to apologize to the mayor of Tecate

Jaime Bonilla refuses to apologize to the mayor of Tecate

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Jaime Bonilla, Governor of BC. Photo Mireya Cuellar

Mexicali, BC. Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez refused to offer a public apology to the mayor of the municipality of Tecate, Zulema Adams Pereyra, after the Senate of the Republic’s Commission for Gender Equality made an exhortation to him “for considering that their expressions may constitute political violence on the basis of gender ”against her.

The state president warned that the Senate is misinformed “that is not true, we are not going to attack her because of gender and we are not going to apologize to a person who does not work, no matter what gender it is, there are no sacred cows.”

Yesterday, the mayor of the Morena party filed a complaint with the Attorney General of the Republic against Bonilla Valdez, and with the Secretary General of the Government, Amador Rodríguez Lozano, whom he accused of threatening and harassing her in retaliation for not approving a reform in the town hall. to the local Constitution to reduce the following governorship from six to three years.

According to the complaint, Rodríguez Lozano visited her on June 27 in her office and intimidated her when she expressed that the Tecate council would vote on the initiative as it saw fit.

Adams Pereyra said that by refusing, the official warned him: “Watch out for the consequences.” And from then on, he said, the pressure of the state administration began.

After the situation came to light, in a video conference the governor accused the mayor of spending her time in the beauty salon and not working.

Zulema Adams also filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission for threats and gender-based political violence.

In the presence of the mayor in Mexico City to make the corresponding complaint, the president of Baja California accused her of carrying out personal promotion and “becoming the victim.”


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