Japan plans to allow EU and US businessmen to enter the country

Japan plans to allow EU and US businessmen to enter the country

Shinjuku Station in Tokyo (EFE)

He Government of japan behold ease your immigration restrictions applied on the occasion of the pandemic to allow businesspeople from the European Union and the United States to enter the country under certain conditions, the public channel NHK announced today.

This measure is currently being studied by the Executive, and if applied it would be a further step in the progressive reopening of borders planned by the Japanese authorities, a process for which there is not yet a defined timetable.

The information advanced by NHK indicates that Japan could allow the entry of American or European businessmen for short stays, and realizing test PCR before leaving and arriving in the country.

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The confidentialFor the second consecutive day, Tokyo has set a new daily record for coronavirus cases, 243, on Friday, an unprecedented figure since the start of the pandemic.

In a first phase, Japan plans allow entrepreneurs from Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand to enter, as Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi recalled on Tuesday at a press conference.

Consultations to relax travel restrictions with the first two countries mentioned “they have made significant progress”Motegi said, without elaborating on when they could be applied.

“Later, and depending on how contagions are controlled in other countries and if it is compatible with our sanitary measures, we will think about how to lift other restrictions on cross-border travel,” said Motegi when asked about the possibility of allowing businessmen to enter European and American countries.

Japan currently prohibits citizens of nearly 130 countries, including the United States and the entire EU, from entering the country

We will study each country case by case, taking into account if they are close to having infections controlled, “said Motegi, who added that the Japanese authorities” try to define a scheme to allow cross-border movement that does not carry the risk of spreading contagion. ”

All this will be done with a view to “allow the recovery of the Japanese economy”, which is a “very urgent” matter, stressed the Foreign Minister.

Japan currently prohibits entry into the country to citizens of nearly 130 countries, including the United States and the entire EU, due to the pandemic.

The Japanese authorities only allow the entry of travelers from countries on this “blacklist” due to extraordinary circumstances, for example that it is a resident who has moved to his country of origin due to the death of a relative and returns to Japanese territory with the current restrictions.

According to the same media, in addition to the aforementioned four countries in Asia and Oceania, the Japanese Executive maintains consultations with a dozen other countries mainly asian for the future easing of the migratory veto.


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