Jean-Marie Bigard is looking for 500 signatures for “screwing up a hell of a mess”

Jean-Marie Bigard is looking for 500 signatures for

Jean-Marie Bigard is asking mayors to obtain 500 signatures for a candidacy for the presidential election.

© Marechal Aurore / ABACA

It is said leaving for the 2022 presidential election, before reversing. Today, Jean-Marie Bigard goes on a hunt for the signatures of mayors wishing to support him in his race to the Elysee Palace. He announced it on July 29 in a video posted to social media. “I only need my 500 signatures,” he said wearing a t-shirt, on which was inscribed “Bigard president” and standing next to a bouncy castle “more natural” and “more pirate ”than the Elysee Palace. Claiming to have already been contacted by city officials, he added: “What a pleasure it would be to have my 500 signatures before everyone else”. The 500 sponsorship signatures are required to validate a candidacy for the presidential election.

Last May, the 66-year-old comedian declared on BFMTV that he did not rule out the possibility of running as a candidate in 2022. “Yes, that could tempt me”, he said in order to “represent the people” outside of political parties.

Few weeks later, he had backpedaled in an interview with «Society», in which he explained that he did not consider being a candidate “for the moment”. “I don’t know anything about politics. I never wanted to do it. I’d be torn to pieces if I got into the field. I prefer to yell in the gallery. ”

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