Juan Carlos Ricci, the actor remembered for his work in “Los Simuladores”, passed away

Juan Carlos Ricci, the actor remembered for his work in

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For reasons that are still unknown, Sadly, actor Juan Carlos Ricci, perhaps most remembered as the “assistant” of the B Brigade of The Simulators, the program that finished consecrating him for his great performance. In that series, it was precisely who, when the group delegated responsibilities, made the plans.

Through a statement the Argentine Association of Actors He published the news on his Twitter account and expressed: “With deep pain we bid farewell to our beloved colleague Juan Carlos Ricci, with an outstanding career in theater, film and TV. For decades, we shared with him the defense of the rights of actors and interpreters. He was a member of the SAGAI Board of Directors and was a leader of the Argentine Actors Association, an affiliate since 1974. Our heartfelt condolences to his wife. Graciela, your son Leandro, family, friends and those who shared the work with him, accompanying them in this difficult moment.

Television man participated in remembered cycles such as “Amor mío”, “Hombres de honor”, “My family is a drawing”, “Mujeres Asesinas”, “Farsantes”, “Malandras”, “Se se amor” and the aforementioned “Los Simuladores”, among others.

Between his cinematographic works include films: “A year without love”, “High heels”, “Thanks for the fire”, “Sentimental”, “Green cloth”, “Dogs of the night”, “Heroes and demons”, “The Super agents against all”, and many other movies.

His extensive theatrical career includes work as a performer and as a director.. Among his acting works are “Provincial Rhapsody”, “Don Gil de las Calzas Verdes”, “Knepp”, “Three brothers”, “Moreira!”, “Oedipus the King”, “King Lear”, “Caligula”, “The St. Patrick’s crime. ” He also participated in the Teatroxlaidentidad cycle.

Currently, he was part of the SAGAI Board of Directors and between 1990 and 1992 he was a member of the Trade Union Secretariat of the Argentine Association of Actors under the presidency of Juan Borrás.


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