Justice determines breach of banking secrecy of Backer

Justice determines breach of banking secrecy of Backer

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Belorizontina beer should not be consumed, says marketing director of Backer brewery

Justice determined on Monday, 13, the bank secrecy breach of the brewery Backer for the last 12 months. The decision came from the 23rd Civil Court of Belo Horizonte following a request from the Public Ministry of the State of Minas Gerais (MPMG). For MPMG, Backer’s partners may be hiding equity, transferring ownership, since there is a lawsuit against them.

For the Public Ministry, the sale of real estate indicated not only conduct in disagreement with objective material and procedural good faith, but could also allow “the recognition of fraud and the commission of an act that violates the dignity of justice, maximum, when it comes to collective protection ”.

The Backer brewery, very well known in Minas Gerais, gained national notoriety after beer consumers were intoxicated and hospitalized at the beginning of the year. The toxic substance found in beer killed at least seven people and took dozens of other consumers to the hospital.

Continues after advertising

According to investigations by the Civil Police, leaks in equipment and the use of toxic substances that should not be used have caused the contamination of several batches of different types of beer produced by the company.

Boxes in wasteland

Last Friday, 10, the Civil Police of Minas Gerais found 34 boxes of Backer beers, from the contaminated lot, in a vacant lot in the Buritis neighborhood, in Belo Horizonte. Police arrived at the scene after a report. The material has been collected and the facts are being investigated by the police.

“Chief of Police Flávio Grossi stressed that this type of disposal may cause public health risks if the product is consumed, since the material found is among the batches of beer where the diethylene glycol was identified,” said the police, in a note.


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