Kalbitz takes legal action against expulsion

Kalbitz takes legal action against expulsion

The Federal Arbitration Court had confirmed the exclusion of the former AfD head of state Kalbitz. This now defends itself with legal means.

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Andreas Kalbitz absolutely wants to remain head of the parliamentary group in Brandenburg.

Brandenburg’s former AfD head Andreas Kalbitz is using legal means to object to the Federal Arbitration Court’s confirmation of his expulsion from the party. According to information from the German Press Agency, the application for temporary legal protection to the Berlin Regional Court was sent on Thursday.

Kalbitz was a guest of a meeting of the AfD state board near Berlin on Thursday. The top of the state advised there over five hours, including legal steps against the classification of the state association as a suspected case by the Brandenburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution, as it was said.

The AfD federal executive had canceled Kalbitz’s party membership in May with a majority decision. The reason he gave was that the party had not stated earlier membership in the now banned right-wing extremist “Heimattreuen Deutsche Jugend” (HDJ), as well as among the Republicans. Kalbitz denies HDJ membership.

The Federal Arbitration Court confirmed the decision last Saturday. Kalbitz had already taken legal action against the decision of the federal executive board. The district court of Berlin declared the decision in the meantime inadmissible after an urgent request from Kalbitz, followed by the confirmation of the expulsion by the arbitral tribunal.

Kalbitz wants to remain parliamentary group leader

The cancellation of party membership had one Power struggle within the party triggered. Kalbitz was one of the spokesmen for the officially dissolved “wing” in the party around the Thuringian AfD state and parliamentary group leader Björn Höcke. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution classifies the current as a “secured right-wing extremist aspiration” and Höcke and Kalbitz as “right-wing extremist leaders”. The Brandenburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution declared the AfD state association a suspected right-wing extremist case in June.

Kalbitz wants to remain parliamentary group leader – the AfD federal chairman Jörg Meuthen has announced resistance. The fact that a non-party member remains chairman of a parliamentary group is “unacceptable” and there is no acceptance in the party for this, Meuthen MEP told the newspapers of the Funke media group.

“That would damage the party as a whole. And everyone in the faction should understand that loyalty to Andreas Kalbitz is certainly not going to be an advantage for them now. ”He had expressed a similar view on Monday.

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The AfD parliamentary group wants to meet in Potsdam next Tuesday and discuss the situation. Kalbitz can also lead the faction as a non-party. This is possible because the parliamentary group changed the rules of procedure for him after the decision of the federal executive board.

Deputy faction leader Steffen Kubitzki said after the confirmation of the expulsion that the consequences had to be discussed so that the party would not be further harmed.

Meuthen commented calmly that Kalbitz is taking legal action against the expulsion. “The process is complete within the party. Mr. Kalbitz is no longer a member. And if he wants to call a civil court, then he should go the way. ”

Meuthen: “We have a dissent in the Kalbitz case”

On warnings of a split in the right-wing populist party, Meuthen said: “We have a dissent in the Kalbitz case, which causes considerable unrest and strife in the party. Sometimes it has to be. My firm goal is that by the end of the year we have pacified the party to such an extent that we can go together in the election campaigns of 2021. ”

In view of the dispute, the parliamentary manager of the SPD parliamentary group, Carsten Schneider, described the AfD as “a dilapidated and increasingly neglected force that is sinking further and further into chaos”. He sees AfD boss Meuthen in his own ranks “increasingly isolated”.

“Similar to Bernd Lucke and Frauke Petry, his marginalization by the extreme right wing forces is imminent.” He was alluding to the predecessors elected in wing fights as party leader. (dpa)


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