Linus ran over while he was cycling

Linus ran over while he was cycling

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Fortunately, nothing serious happened Linus, the popular conductor and artistic director of Radio Dj she is well and can tell, as she did on her Instagram profile, the bad adventure she could instead, as for the champion Alex Zanardi, struggling in intensive care between life and death for two weeks now turning into something much more serious.

As we said it was he himself who told it on his Instagram profile in a post that made us think a lot where he also remembered his friend Roberta Agosti died last Saturday in the Brescia area after being hit by a truck while training on a bicycle.

“Yesterday morning, just before I stopped for the classic mid-lap coffee, a van in front of me put the arrow to turn left and instead made a complete reversal. I was able to brake and steer but I still found myself on its hood and then on the ground.

He was more frightened than I was and we finally said goodbye and hugged each other. Roads are dangerous, bikes are dangerous, cars are dangerous. It is the story of Scarponi, Nicky Hayden, Zanardi, Roberta and many others. We have to be careful, more careful. Hi Marco “. A post that in addition to having frightened all the conductor’s followers has reopened the discussion on road safety and how much a moment of distraction can somehow create real tragedies. The final greeting Linus wanted to give to Marco was also moving. Veil companion of the missing cyclist.

In Italy according to the data of theEtsc (European Transport Safety Council) developed by theACI, one in four dead is a pedestrian or a cyclist. Again according to this report, whose updated data are expected, the growing use of bicycles in urban centers requires governments, local authorities and vehicle manufacturers to invest more in measures to protect vulnerable users.

The report also suggests that urban planning, especially in small and medium-sized towns, privileges the possibility of moving on foot, by bicycle and public transport rather than private cars, and recommends the establishment of ‘Zone 30’ ( an area of ​​the urban road network where the speed limit is 30 kilometers per hour instead of the usual 50 in areas highly frequented by pedestrians and cyclists.


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