Los Rabanes founded ‘Pandemia Records’ and celebrated Roberto Carlos

Los Rabanes founded 'Pandemia Records' and celebrated Roberto Carlos

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The rock band Rabanes in a recent image. (Facebook of the group)

The Panamanian ska group Los Rabanes confronts the hatred generated in social networks with the theme “One million friends”, in collaboration with Los Pericos. It is the first song of a project that was born between jokes: “Pandemia Records”.

“You have to go down to ‘hate’ and generate more friendship, bring the issue to the reality that we have now, especially with social networks. It was what caught my attention; here in Panama some pitched battles are formed in Twitter, and in itself the situation is difficult, “explains the leader Emilio Regueira in an interview.

The vocalist of Los Rabanes assures that the song, which was originally sung by Roberto Carlos, has been a “hymn to love” that has accompanied him throughout his life, and it was during the quarantine that he had a reunion with the song that brought him to retake it.

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“I have had it in the subconscious since I was little. The song throws very good vibes; Being locked up a couple of weeks ago, I started listening to a lot of playlists, and I listened to it and clicked again. It is a message of love, “he says.

Since then, Los Rabanes went to work, and once the theme was over, they thought of inviting Los Pericos to be part of the launch, so Emilio shared his progress with singer Juanchi Baleirón and soon they got a yes.

“We have always been very close, we are very friends, admirers, and in Mexico we agreed to do something. The pandemic thing happens, we send it to Juanchi and he joined with Los Pericos to make music from home from a distance ”, narrates the vocalist.

This was then the first firm step of what he calls “Pandemia Records”, an initiative to make music and collaborations with various Latin American artists from home.

“We have jokingly and seriously given these projects ‘Pandemia Records’. There are other bands with which we are going to collaborate, Poulines, from Chile, from Mexico, and I think we are going to continue taking it, from our homes to everyone’s homes ”, she details.

It all started before “A million friends”, he explains, with a version of the famous song “Guantanamera” that said “they sang ‘in quarantine, nobody goes outside here’.”

It was also born from the inspiration for Playing for Change, a multimedia musical project with the aim of gathering, recording and filming musicians from different cultures.

However, until now, he cannot tell who are the artists who have decided to support and cover new songs, since he is waiting for them to record the songs to announce them.

The latest album by Los Rabanes, released in 2019 under the name of “Rock and roll in time of crisis”, explored the music of great rock and roll like Chuck Berry or Little Richards and paid tribute to rockabilly, one of the favorite genres of this combo.

With this, the creators of “Miss I like your style” (2001) have been characterized by their versatility, because, despite being classified as a ska punk band, they have shown that they are not limited to the genders.

For this reason, they are now preparing an album that will mix various Latin genres, and although the inspiration for writing new themes is very present and active, the pandemic has somewhat paralyzed this project.

“We have already been preparing an album with Latin American fusions, but it would be for next year because the agenda has changed; now we are going to cover songs and stay connected with people ”, he concludes.


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