Los Sauces, Cristina’s favorite hotel, owes more than a million pesos in taxes and services

Los Sauces, Cristina's favorite hotel, owes more than a million pesos in taxes and services

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The Los Sauces hotel closed, owned by the Kirchner family in Calafate – Photo: OPI Santa Cruz / Francisco Muñoz.

It was the first hotel of the Kirchner family. The “crown gem” as the former accountant called it Cristina, Victor Manzanares. “Los Sauces Casa Patagónica” It is the most exclusive and expensive of the four tourist accommodations that were built on Santa Cruz land. The vice president personally took care of every detail of its decoration. It was part of another real estate business with Lázaro Báez, because it was expanded on Austral Construcciones land. Since 2016 it closed its doors. And according to the latest report of the judicial intervention, accumulate debts for more than a million pesos, its facilities suffered deterioration, does not generate economic movements and also, it was found that its roles they have various irregularities.

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According to the accountant Víctor Manzanares, custodian of the heritage numbers of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner for decades, the hotel functioned as the “main financial leverage in the increase in Kirchner assets “. When he became repentant in the case of the Cuadernos de las Coimas, he explained that the administration of the complex “had the highest levels of location values, but less occupancy and fewer rooms”.

In this context, he said that the administrator Juan Carlos Relats “rented the entire complex to the Kirchners for $ 120,000 monthly. That contract lasted about two years, and when it was renewed, it was unified in value. A single contract was made and a rental value of $ 90,000 was stipulated, with a clause whereby that value was increased whenever the hotel occupancy exceeded 50 percent of the occupancy level ”.

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Manzanares said that Los Sauces was leased to Grupo Relats for 11 years, at 90 thousand dollars a month: “This contract meant a sum of between 10 and 11 million dollars of blank income to the Kirchner economy”. That commercial relationship ended in 2016, because they did not agree on the amount of the royalty to renew.

Since then, the hotel’s doors have remained closed. Los Sauces is located next to Cristina Kirchner’s residence in El Calafate, and is part of her heritage inherited in equal parts from his sons Máximo and Florencia Kirchner.

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Like the other hotels in the family, it belongs to the Hotesur family society, which according to justice was used to launder money in triangulation maneuvers with Lázaro Báez that lasted years. Then, it passed into the hands of the Máximo Condominium and Florencia Kirchner, which manages 25 properties from the former president’s estate. And that he was intervened by justice. The last report of the intervention -of July 7- exposed a series of irregularities and debts of the complex tourist Los Sauces.

First of all, the report analyzes the debts contracted by the hotel. The judicial controller maintains that, despite the “repeated requests to the Municipality of El Calafate” -governed by the Kirchnerista Javier Belloni- to inform me of the debt for municipal taxes and the tax valuation of the property, “To date I have not received any information.”

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However, the inspector managed to get municipal officials to at least report a first figure: “I was verbally informed that the municipal debt was of the order of 100,000 pesos, and they promised to send me a tax valuation of the property, mindful that the Hotel Los Sauces Casa Patagónica was located on it. ”

Other debts must be added to this figure. “When I took over, I found a debt for services provided to the complex in previous years, which as of December 31 mattered: with State Society Public Services 605,745 pesos, and with Districts 441,195 pesos“indicates the report. In the face of the figure – which, adding the unpaid municipal rates, a value of 1,146,940 pesos- The intervention reported that it is managing a “moratorium or extended payment term plan, to normalize the situation,” attentive to “the lack of funds in this intervention, and the meager I have in Los Sauces.”

On this point, the intervention stated that construction plans not yet deliveredn, and that in the municipality they reported “that the same they had been kidnapped at the time of the intervention of the assets of the Kirchner condominium. “In addition, it was recorded that to date, “no documentation related to the property or the commercial activity of the hotel” was found and that the Kirchner family “nor have they provided documentation or provided information in this regard “.

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The municipal authorization of the complex was another observed point. “The last authorization corresponded to Panatel SA, which has not yet been discharged and whose ownership was transferred to it by Rutas del Litoral SA (both Relats firms), in 2009, which, due to the history of the Municipality, was the first operator”.

Since Panatel has not yet asked for its withdrawal, “I have tried unsuccessfully with the Director of Commerce (from El Calafate), to find out how the situation described affects us and the need and way to normalize it.”

To date, the tourist complex does not have personnel in a dependency relationship or hiring permanent professional services, all the functional, administrative and financial aspects being in charge of the auditor, “hiring the repairs and painting of the case to third parties. The care and cleaning, maintenance and night surveillance is in charge of three people hired for each of these three aspects, by Máximo Kirchner“, It indicated,

The hotel had suffered various problems in its facilities: Raised floors, wallpapers ruined by humidity, water loss, durlock raised from the ceiling in various environments. All the arrangements are paid with funds from the Los Sauces SA real estate agency because the hotel does not generate income and does not manage funds.


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