Luca Capuano, your biggest madness? ‘Marry me’

 Luca Capuano, your biggest madness? 'Marry me'

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Luca Capuano

Luca Capuano, guest at “C’e Tempo per …”, revealed that the biggest madness he has ever done in his life has been to get married. The actor was married to Carlotta Lo Greco in 2012 after a few years of engagement and two children were born from their love, Matteo, who is now 12 years old, and Leonardo, 7. “The greatest madness was marrying me , I am a Christian, a Catholic, the wedding is an important step, and it came after years of living together and after a child, in my opinion it is more a point of arrival than of departure “, he declared during the interview released in the program conducted by Anna Falchi and Beppe Convertini.

Speaking of the relationship with his wife, he added: “It is not easy to be next to a person as an actor, she is a little jealous, although she is also an actress, it is a character issue, you always have the doubt inside you, then with these social media messages also come from people you don’t know, but for me it’s simple, it’s a job and a job “.

The 43-year-old finally confided that he will also receive explicit messages from some fans. “I’m glad the affection of the public which is my lifeblood, there have been no stalkers. Sometimes too explicit messages come and I block them immediately, others are really beautiful and make me cry, there are really loving people”, he concluded.


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