Lydia Lozano relays Paz Padilla’s message after her husband’s death: “I was ready”

Lydia Lozano relays Paz Padilla's message after her husband's death:

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  • Lydia Lozano, her partner in ‘Sálvame’, has been able to speak with Paz Padilla in her most difficult moment.
  • Paz Padilla and Antonio Juan Vidal have been able to say goodbye before the lawyer’s death.

Immersed in tears, Lydia Lozano has transmitted the first message from Paz Padilla after the death of “the love of her life”, Antonio Juan Vidal, who has died at age 53 from a brain tumor. The collaborator of ‘Save me’ has revealed that her partner has confessed that “I was ready for that goodbye” and that it is being a “very hard” year but that these last 6 months with Juan “have been wonderful, very beautiful”. On the death, Lydia has told that her partner has relayed that they have been able to say goodbye and that “the farewell has been beautiful”.

All his colleagues agree that Paz never lost her smile despite living such hard times next to her husbandFurthermore, they were unaware that he was preparing for such a situation. However, the presenter already left messages that intuited that something was wrong … “You have to normalize death and learn to say goodbye “, declared Padilla after Álex Lequio’s death, some words that were not understood and that would now make sense.

Paz Padilla and Juan Vidal

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Paz Padilla and Juan Vidal

Lydia has assured that her partner left, on many occasions, from ‘Save me’, to cry, but that she never stopped making those around her laugh. “He has deceived us all and in a very beautiful way “, has declared in ‘Socialité’.


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