Macron cautious but determined at the European summit

Macron cautious but determined at the European summit

Emmanuel Macron, present in Brussels for the European summit, conceded that the agreement was not yet reached but remains optimistic.

© Stephanie Lecocq / Pool / Reuters

Despite the failure of negotiations on Friday, Emmanuel Macron is cautious but remains hopeful this Saturday. “The night has been active. There is a lot of resistance and tension. For the moment, we are not there, ”he told our special envoy to Brussels, Bruno Jeudy.

On Friday, discussions continued around the 750 billion euros post-coronavirus recovery plan, financed by a common loan, born of a proposal by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the French President. “New proposals” are expected this Saturday, to reach an agreement between the 27: amount of the plan, distribution between grants and loans, conditions to benefit from it are all elements that will be debated again for this first meeting of European leaders for five months, pandemic obliges.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has been adamant, demanding that each state’s reform plans be approved unanimously by the 27 members. “What the Netherlands is asking for is legally impossible and politically difficult to swallow,” a diplomatic source told AFP, saying that the Netherlands is the only country making such a request. The other so-called “frugal” states – Austria, Sweden, Denmark and Finland – would not ask for it, despite their concerns about the management of the budgets of Spain and Italy, two countries hard hit by the crisis. of the coronavirus. “Of course we want to show solidarity, but we also have the interests of Austrian taxpayers in mind,” tweeted Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz, who is among those who want to reduce the envelope of 500 billion euros of planned grants.


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